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DME and iOS 8

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As we are sure you are aware, Apple has recently announced the advent of two new devices: iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, running on iOS 8.

We have tested the available version of iOS 8 using our latest DME client, and we have not found any problems, and we do not expect that any of our customers will experience problems.

We naturally haven't tested on the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus devices, as they are not yet available. However, Apple say that existing apps will scale correctly to the new screen sizes.

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The Heartbleed bug

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The discovery of a security vulnerability in some versions of the OpenSSL library is causing quite a stir.

We have completed our investigation of the effect of the vulnerability, which is named Heartbleed and is described here, on our systems. We have found that none of the web servers and web services provided in the DME and G/On products are affected by the Heartbleed vulnerability.

However, https connections routed through the AppBox server require attention. We have written a Service Bulletin accounting for this. The Service Bulletin is also posted on the Documentation page.

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Windows Phone: Welcome!

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Introducing a new client platform is not something that happens every day.

We are pleased to welcome Windows Phone 8 as a member of the DME client family.

The client can be found at Windows Store, and the user guide can be found here.

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